Carter To Him: Songs To Play When You Want To Treat Your Man To A Night Of Passion

Once in a while every woman should treat her man to an unexpected night of good old school loving, for the night to be a success a lady needs more than good dinner and lingerie.Music is a

necessity, not just any music good music.

For any lady that is planning to give her man a treat here is the list of songs to include in your play list and they also give you ideas of what you can do.

Cater to you –Destiny’s child

One of Destiny’s child timeless ballads, this song is a huge ego booster for every man, hearing the woman compliment and praising him for being a provider, lover, and all rounder. Words like “you inspired me to be better, challenged me for the better, my life would be purposeless without you” are surely guaranteed to make him feel like king.

Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle play 3 different parts of appreciating their man, from kind words and saying thank you, to Kelly taking away the jacket and rubbing his shoulders and serving him dinner like all the boys dream and Michelle being a voluntary prisoner in the bedroom. You can be all 3 isn’t that the sexiest thing ever?

Trading places- Usher

This is every man’s secret fantasy, trading places with his woman, even if it’s for a day, surprise him by picking him up, pay for a dinner and a movie and take him to your home and trade places where it matters the most, lead him, direct him and really be in charge for a day. He would love you for life.

Dance for you- Beyonce

Nothing is sexier than a woman giving her man a private dance, at the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t have to be world class Oscar nominated performance, just a strip tease or a chair/ lap dance to get him excited about what is about to take place.

Make love- Keri Hilson

Ms Keri gives a clear demonstration of how to use her song, surprise him, when you just got home whether he is in or has not yet around, prepare a little dinner and dessert and treat him good all night all.

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