Age Ain’t A Factor: Famous Women Who Get More Beautiful With Age


Women in general are beautiful, but some just get more beautiful as they grow older. Like fine wine they get better with time, the older they get the more beautiful they look, here’s our list of women who can give the 20 something’s a run for their money in the looks department.

 Lisa “Milk” Raye


Milk Raye (milk name comes from her love of white colour), Lisa has always been beautiful from the time she played diamond in player’s club, but as she gets older milk is not expiring. she just gets better, remember her on the sitcom All of us? She played Robert (Dwayne Martin)’s ex wife, after the divorce Robert moved on and found himself a younger girlfriend Tia, but on the looks department Milk was winning. In real life Lisa is 40+ and her looks just get better if anything.

Cindy Crawford


She’s one of the first ever super models, 50+ years, a husband and few kids after Miss Crawford still look Victoria Secret ready. She can definitely give few girls a run for their figure down the runway.

Cynthia Bailey


Getting better with age must be a super model thing because Cynthia like Cindy just gets better with age, she’s almost 50 but you can’t put her above 35. Her legs make young girls reach for tanning lotions.

Beyonce Knowles Carter

still banging

Mrs. Carter is not that old but you have to agree with me when I say she gets better with age, her looks, voice, curves, moves and humour it is all getting better as she grows. God bless Tina and Mathew for bringing her to the world.

Angelina Jolie

mrs Pitt

Brad Pitt is a blessed man, waking up to fine looking Miss Jolie every morning is a dream many will never realise. Like many in this list Miss Jolie has always been beautiful but her pout just gets better with age.

Aishwarya Rai

banger mo

The former miss world, Bollywood actress has gotten a little full on the figure but she still looks fine. Who said only thin women are beautiful? Aishwarya is plus size and plus beautiful, the curves just add on her beauty.

Sharon Stone, Hale Barry, Nia Long, Viviaca Fox, Toni Braxton, Jen Aniston and Jane Fonda, they are all Age less beauties.



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