Age Ain’t A Factor The Men Edition: Famous Men That Get Better Looking With Age

Last week we did an article about women who look so fresh you’d swear they are all children of one former miss world, it’s only fair that we also pay homage to guys who also look younger than they actual are.

Here’s our list of grown men who can take your girlfriend.

Marshall Eminem Mathers


Well many might give me the side eye for putting Em here but really the man is 40+ but doesn’t look nothing older than 26, he might have his moments especially when he’s on stage but he has the cutest face, when he’s quite you can’t help but want to mother him until he opens his mouth.

Will Smith


Papa to the Smith is 45 but still looks fresh prince, the only thing that tells about Will Smith’s age is his dress sense that’s the only thing that has matured from his fresh prince of Bel air days the rest still looks refreshingly young and hot.

Gorge Clooney


Boy Gorge Clooney does look grown but you wouldn’t put him anywhere near 60 that he is nearly approaching. The forever bachelor is hot and he knows it, he’s always catching the hottest of the babes just to rub it in it. Speaking of which who is he dating now?

Johnny Deep


I, I Captain jack Sparrow is hot and then some, has been voted world sexiest man, what is better than that?

Bradley Cooper


Have you seen Bradley lately,? The man is hot and his looks truly get better with age.

Taye Diggs


Back in the day young Taye gave Stella her groove back, years later, he’s all grown and still as sexy. His groove is not going anywhere; it just gets better with years.

Denzel Washington


Denzel Mr Washington, 58 years later he doesn’t look like he did 30 years ago but Mr. D wears his age so well and sexy, grown women and young girls lust after him equally. Things I would do to him if he magically appeared on my bed.


yes mister jones

Everybody loves Nassir Jones, he’s a total package, and hot, intelligent, smooth with his rhymes, and so sophisticated. Wait did I say the son of Mr. Olu Jones is hot? He has to be the finest hip hop artist ever. He can get it with you, your girlfriends, your mama and everyone else.

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