Simon Is Not The First: Celebrities Who Broke “The Code”

the code

Here’s the Code of dating , Don’t ever, ever Knowingly date your friend’s ex, spouse and a married person.

Simon Cowell made headlines for smashing and knocking up his friend’s wife, as scandalous as this is, Simon takes comfort in knowing that he is not the first to break “the code”. Here are the least of other famous people who paved the for Simon.

Jay z and Carmen

Jigger man might be acting holly with his perfect wife and kid but we still remember what he did in the 90’s to his good friend Nas, he smashed Nas’s baby mama Carmen, left condoms in the baby’s crib. As if that was not enough he even had an audacity to rap about it. Talk about a low down dirty shame.

Lil Wayne, Nivea and The Dream

The young money rapper has kids by Nivea. For those of you who don’t know who Nevea is she is the early 2000’s RNB singer she was married to the Dream, who is a respected producer and song writer, that’s not all miss Nivea has kids by both Wayne and the Dream. Nivea smashed the Homies who smashed her. Confused?? Us too

Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean

I love Miss Hill, but she has “the past”Word is she was sleeping with her band mate Wyclef Jean in their Fugees days. While a there’s nothing wrong with 2 band mates having an affair, Clef was married and miss Hill knew this, and still laid with a married man. Clef claims in his book that Lauyrn who was also dating Rohan Marley during the whole affair,  made him believe that her first son Zion was his, but Rohan called Cliff out and said he knew the whole time that he 9Rohan) was Zion’s father.

Merilyn Monroe and the Kennedys

The original Slut lady of everything sexy had an affair with President John F Kennedy as if that wasn’t bad enough she also had an affair with F’s brother.

Pac and Faith Evans

“You claim to be a player/ But I f*cked your wife…” Those were the lyrics from Pac’s hit diss record aimed at Biggie “Hit em up,” Faith Evans who did work with Pac while her and Biggie were at odds denied that she let Pac hit it. Guess only Pac and Faith know the truth.

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