Fix It Jesus: Pastor Says “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal During A Sermon And The Church Cheers

fix it jesus

Chris Brown’s new song Loyal is club banger topping charts and taking over the streets, lately it has gone as fair as taking over the church too.

A few days ago, Pastor James Bryant of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland delivered a 30 minute sermon titled ‘In My Enemies Worst Nightmare, a 40 second extract of that sermon where the man of God says ‘These hoes ain’t loyal” and the church cheers in approval has made news all over the world.

Ps Bryant is being criticized for using the phrase in church, his congregation too is getting the side eye for cheering and stomping while their leader uses a hip hop slur.

After suffering criticism Ps Bryant took to his twitter accounts to address the haters… he tweeted don’t critique a quote when you never heard message! 20 seconds of a 30 minute message is incomplete assessment Dear Family @TJMShow fell into a sensationalized quote & regrettably lent no context. Be mad whole not in part.

In Drake’s words, the man of God was in his worst behaviour

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