The One Rand Man’s Journey Would You?


The Gods of internet yet again brought me across this interesting journey of a young man who has decided that he is going to live his life one rand a day for the month of July.

His reasoning behind this is he wants to see where each and every rand of his hard earned cash goes to. As interesting as this is I don’t think I would ever want to know where each and every rand of mine go to because honestly speaking I’d get depressed.

Mr one rand cut off all his credit cards, well didn’t cut them off only put the m away for a month of July, cancelled his debit orders, and arranged to have his salary paid in one rand coins.

With this decision he also decide he won’t spend what he doesn’t have, no credit cards for a month, he will only spend his salary.

What he has learnt so far?

His car payments take the biggest percentage of his salary, his tax follows and then rent. You want to learn more?

Catch Mr one rand man as he calls himself and follow his journey. Please let us know what you think of this “living my life in rands” would you do it and if you would what do you think will be the outcome, would you be pleased with how you spend your money or you would head straight to zone of depression like me?


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