SA Idols Season 10 Wooden Mic: The Judges Were Never Ready


I have to admit I’m not a big fan of Idols. I seldom watch the show. Last night was one of those rare moments when I found myself watching because someone else in my house had a remote controller.

The best part about SA idols for me is the wooden mic, aka the group of people who have no singing talent but still come to the show. I don’t know why they come maybe they think their horrible voices would miraculously transform to great when they are standing in front of the judges.

Last night I think the judges Unathi Msengane, Randall and Gareth Cliff might think they have found the receiver of this year’s wooden mic.

One Durbinite Siyanda Maphumo’s singing left the three in stitches.

He sang professor’s hit Imot’ entshontshi mali fused together with his own radiation of R Kelly’s hit “when a woman loves’ and the outcome of that hot mess was hilarious.

While Unathi and cos laughed at poor Siyanda the Joke was on them because the Durbanites know that Siyanda is a famed comedian, so chances are the guy knows well and right that he has no singing talent he just went there to make a bum of the judges and do some little promo work for himself.

A true comedian always makes people laugh even in a singing competition, well played Siyanda.



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