He Could Be Your Boss: Meet The Entrepreneur Who Has Never Met His Employees

work life

No he is not Bill Gates who has thousands of offices around the world; he is a 30 year old British business owner.

Michael O’Sullivan was like most citizens in the world young and unemployed, he borrowed £30 from his girlfriend.

He started an online business called Nazima Media, and he used his borrowed pennies to pay for web hosting, and challenged himself to get 30 customers within a month.

His business which is web development, offered free web hosting to anyone who bought website from it.

After a year his business was a success, he made a £150,000 turn over, without a doubt O’sullivan’s business was making profits, but he started getting bigger requests that were out of his expertise, he decided to hire his first employee, working on freelance basis.

Since then he has grown the business using a virtual workforce of around 20 people, from developers and telesales experts, to social media gurus and packaging designers.

O’Sullivan believes running a company on a freelance workforce can be more cost-efficient than a traditional office setting, and helps business to expand more easily.


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