Office Party Decor

Christmas is around the corner everybody is popping a Christmas party for their staff now as soon as the word party comes to mind people start thinking decoration, this could be a frustration if your office does not have any talented designers, but worry not yours in times of need and hardship has the guide to help you get that décor right.

Use neutral colours; remember that you decorating for adults so going overboard with colour will really kill the theme. Choose colours like silver instead of re, catch silver still has some Christmas spirit in it but it’s a bit humble and down than red.

Decorate with edible decorations like bowls of candy. This will satisfy that holiday sweet tooth and add festive cheer to the party.

Hang bows and other interesting little handmade stuff to make liven up the room.

Balloons are the life of the party every party so office party should not be an exception, have few balloons in appropriate places to kill the dull.

Have vase with flowers or a table that is well arranged and decorated as your main/ center piece.

If your party has a theme make sure that your party and theme complement each other, to avoid having a “green theme” while your décor scream toxic.

If your party is a dance party your venue and décor must complement that if it’s just a simple gathering between co workers with a glass of wine have an elegant theme and décor to match.

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