A Diamond Bigger Than Earth?

55 Cancri e’. Its code for: Girls best friend multiplied by 55. Just kidding! It is the name of the diamond-rich planet that was discovered by astronomers early this month. The rocky world is twice the size of Earth with a mass eight times greater, classifying it as a “super Earth”. Found in the sky with the naked eye, scientists claim that it is orbiting a sun-like star in the constellation Cancer only 40 light years away. Unfortunately it is inhabitable. Not because we do not have the transportation to get there (sorry ladies), but because of surface temperatures reaching around 2150 degrees Celsius.

With the use of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, astronomers collected data on the nearby planet and reveal that the surface is made mostly of graphite surrounding a thick layer of diamond and it was also born out of mostly carbon. Unlike our solar system, which is dominated by oxygen and silicates, this planetary system is filled with carbon…read more

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