Find Happiness Being Single

Sometimes it takes only one moment for life to change and being left single is sometimes hard to deal with.

Forty-five percent of the adult population (104 million people) is single. This fact obliviously doesn’t make you or the situation you may be facing feel or get any better, but there is something you can do. Change your attitude towards single life and direct your feeling towards a more positive way of thinking.

There are many people out there in long term relationships and even marriages who often wish they could be living the single life once again.

I read a blog once where a women listed 20 things she wanted to do before she got married. I thought that was pretty cool especially her ambitions and her dream to take a solo trip.

My point is that there are simple ways to find happiness. Some of those are to enjoy your life as it is; find things to be grateful for; know exactly the type of person you someday wish to meet; exercise; eat healthy; preserve friendships; invest in yourself and do something new and crazy as often as want…read more

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