Puma’s New Biodegradable Line Of Shoes And Clothing

The well renowned German sportswear company has announced the launch of a range of biodegradable shoes and clothes to hit the market in 2013. The line includes a variety of shoes, shirts, recyclable plastic jackets and backpacks which can be returned to the various outlets for re-possessing once consumers decide to throw them away. 

This, together with Puma’s environmental efforts will account for the cost of its air pollution, greenhouse gases, waste, land and water usage. For example, the sneaker soles will be made up of biodegradable plastic and the upper part of the shoe out of organic cotton and linen. Consumers will not be able to plant it in the ground and witness a tree being born from it, but rather it will go through a shredder and after it is broken down by several decomposition processes, it will become compost in approximately six to nine months…read more

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