Ways To Save A Wet Phone

Have you ever had a careless moment where you accidentally drop your mobile device/ cell phone in water, or in your drink and thought this is it, it can’t be fixed or saved?

Well if that happens again rest assured that there are a few ways to retrieve your phone from death of tune, first you must quickly remove your phone from your juice, wine or drink as soon as it drops unless you are making a P Diddy video.

Don’t press buttons immediately to check if it’s working or not because pressing can actually make the liquid get into the system faster and could increase the damage.

Immediately pull out the battery.

Remove any peripherals and attachments on your phone, if you use the devices that don’t allow batteries to be removed.

Remove SIM card and any SD cards it carries, leaving ports or covers on your handset open to aid ventilation.

As cnet.com recommends dry off everything with a towel, including the exterior of your handset, be carefulnot to let any water drain into openings on the phone…read more

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