Stretch Your Pay Cheque

Christmas shopping is around the corner, and this is usually a financially trying time for families. We all tend to overspend and start our new year in a financially unhealthy state.

This year we would like to help you try and keep a bit of weight in your wallet, with a few money saving tips to help stretch those cheques.

First look at your overall budget to determine what you can and are willing to spend this holiday season.  Be realistic, sit down with your family and make a list of everyone you are going to buy gift for — this is your Holiday shopping budget.

Avoid over shopping by keeping a shopping list on hand. This will keep you from buying things you won’t need.  Another good tip is to have a snack before shopping as this will also keep from being tempted into buying unnecessary things to eat.

Subscribing to loyalty and reward programs is another great way to save. This can also help you compare rewards and savings…read more

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