Gatsby’s Bringing the 20’s Back

Since the show Boardwalk Empire aired, its roaring success has trickled the fashion of the 20’s back into current times, along with shows like Downtown Abbey as well as flashbacks during episodes of The Vampire Diaries. We have seen the 20’s influence niggling on Men’s and Women’s Fashion. Now the soon to be released remake of the classic 1974 film The Great Gatsby later this year, the 20’s have already started to become the new era we’d love to pay homage to.

The 20’s were an era of many  transformative revolutions in fashion, Coco Chanel liberated women from their corset’s and  tedious dresses to casual structured fashion inspired by the practicality  and comfort of menswear. Men went from extreme everyday formal wear to softer versions of suits and even athletic attire. Men were allowed to vote and were seen and heard in public, most with a cigarette in hand. The wheels of feminism had begun to turn an era of glamour, elegance, breaking the rules and of course, jazz… read more

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