The Lie of My life -Part (One)

I didn’t cry, as somehow I had expected this to happen, it was over before it even began.  He called my phone at least twice but I didn’t answer and he texted “ please answer my call I need you” I was tempted by the word “need” , then something in me said ignore it he doesn’t mean it.

I was right the swearing began; he swore and called me names no person had ever called me before. The taxi was not fast enough for me that day.

When I finally reached home my two cousins looked, wondered and I cracked a fake a smile and started relating my story to them. “He did not, no he didn’t” I screamed with a wide grin on my face. He just didn’t come to meet me, again. I stood at the gate of his house but he did not come to meet me.

A guy that I had dated for at least three months, a fair looking dude, with a good job, a car and a house of his own. He appeared smart and well mannered; after all he was an evangelist at his church. I could have not predicted the ordeal I was about to experience with him. …read more

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