Why Kidnappers Target Foreign Tourists

We’ve heard numerous stories of foreign tourists being kidnapped and held hostage by random and prominent groups of terrorists. Unless this has happened to you or somebody you know, chances are you would never consider it. It is common to think that it mostly happens to the rich and famous.

Well we’ve got news for you. We are all in potential danger of being the next victim. These are some of the reasons below.
Most kidnappers target foreigners because they think they have loads of money on them and in the bank because they can afford to travel ….read more


One thought on “Why Kidnappers Target Foreign Tourists

  1. I was actually planning on becoming an au pair for three months in Nairobi, Kenya throughout February, March and April of this year. But when I was researching the visa and vaccination requirements on the Australian Government’s travel website, I came across their travel warnings page which listed Kenya as being a recent terrorist target and a dangerous place for tourists due to kidnapping. It scared me so much that I cancelled my plans! I’m originally from Zimbabwe but I guess you forget how different Africa is to the safe, secure and open environments of the first world.


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