How to deal with rowdy neighbours

From boardrooms to dinner tables, our lives seem to be filed with a lot of noise. That’s one of the annoying truths of modern living. In the suburban daily rush, retreating to your home may be the only places to find peace, relaxation and tranquillity, the last thing that you need is to come home to inconsiderately rowdy neighbours. But we all have them and have to find amicable ways to deal with them.

While you cannot go to your neighbours and tell them to turn off their radios or stop shouting, you can do something to avoid argument. Soundproofing your house can bring back the quietness that you desire. It reduces the amount of noise that you have to put up with.

Where to begin?


  • Where one townhouse or apartment is joined to another, the main point of noise disturbance travels via the walls. If you own your dwelling, one of the easiest ways to reduce sound is to add just a single layer of drywall to your existing walls. Add two layers and your walls will block out even more sound, so much so that your neighbours could invite a rock band round for a party and you’d barely even notice!
  • A rented townhouse or apartment is not quite as easy, but there are still ways to reduce noise levels. In a tiled space, simply adding a few thick rugs will help to absorb sound, as will thicker curtains and tapestries hung from the walls. In fact, the more padding you can add to a room, the more the sound is frozen.

Of course, your walls are not the only paths where noise can travel through. If you have an apartment or townhouse above you, it can be just as bad – if not worse than noise coming from next door, especially if the dwelling has tiled floors. High heels on a tiled floor can sound like a marching band doing daily exercises.

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