JAYS AUTO PITSTOP -Improving your factory in-car sound system

Change that factory fitted car audio player!
Most vehicles today have a factory fitted radio-cassette or CD-Radio, but most don’t have the latest features, performance or the looks are what we want. Don’t be put off by the non-standardised size of the face plate as Jays Auto Care provides the right trim panels and electrical interfaces to get your chosen replacement looking good and working well.

Add an amplifier!
Providing a volume level that will make the music sound realistic – with good bass, delicate mids and highs and no distortion – is largely down to the quality of the power amplifier. Carmakers tend not to worry about it too much. To them an amplifier is an amplifier and they assume most buyers won’t know the difference anyway.
If you really don’t fancy changing the factory fitted music player, then add a better quality car audio amplifier and upgrade the factory car speakers. In nearly every case it will transform the sound even though you’ve not changed the music player in the dashboard.

Add MP3, CD Changer, DAB Digital Radio, DVD or Sat Nav!
Jays Auto Care has the answer when it comes to adding of interfacing these to your factory fitted in-car system. ‘Auxiliary Input Interfaces’ and ‘Docking Stations’ make it all possible and give much better results than when using “cheap and easy” options such as FM modulators, which reduce everything to analogue radio quality. 4. And most of all… Change those factory car speakers! Even hooked up to the existing factory music player and amplifier, good quality speakers, properly installed, will have a huge improvement. If you do nothing else; make this your first upgrade and you will be astounded at the improved sound coming out of your factory in-car system…

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