Hot Gadget- Nokia N900 mobile computer

The latest and hottest gadget to hit the market following other great models in the N- Series is the Nokia  N900… a mobile computer, with features that will blow your mind, this highly compact device features a sharp touch-sensitive display, full QWERTY keyboard, and comes with Linux-based Maemo software to take you into a new era of mobile computing.

You can switch between your open applications using the dashboard, you can personalize multiple desktops any way you like, and quickly access rich interactive content with the powerful Maemo Browser.
With the Nokia N900 it’s easy to capture, view, and share your photos and video clips. The built-in 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics lets you take stunning photos and record DVD-quality video. You are able to add description and location tags to bring extra context to your images, and post your favourites directly to Ovi Share for your friends to enjoy.

The Nokia N900 mobile computer can also be used as a phone. From the dashboard or desktop, all it takes is a twist of your wrist to instantly access…

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