Health News: Dangers of obesity during pregnancy

It is naturally acceptable for a woman to gain few kilos during pregnancy. But doctors have warned that pregnant women should watch their weight, for the duration of pregnancy.  In a research conducted by NICE in England, many obese mothers are subjected into giving birth to stillborns, Preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and caesarean section.

NICE says many women feel that they are given confusing information during pregnancy. This leads to them making avoidable mistakes. According to expects the best advice that can be given to women in child bearing age, is that they should watch their weight before conceiving.
NICE says women with a body mass index of more than 30 should be encouraged to lose weight before they become pregnant. During pregnancy, losing weight can be harmful to the unborn child, so women are advised to eat healthily and to do gentle work out.

After they have given birth, women are advised to lose their baby weight steadily…

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