Decorating Tips: How to make a small space larger

So you live in a small house or small room or just a small space either because of cost reasons or because you just want to downsize because you have to much clutter, however, you want to still live like you living large without any mess, you might think it is difficult  but in actual fact it’s easy!

Just a few decorative changes can turn your tiny corner into a wonderful large looking space.
DECLUTTER: Start of by removing any clutter that’s preoccupying any space, because there is nothing worse than having too many items in a small space, the place just looks to cramped!
PAINT FOR SPACE: If you decide to paint the place, chose soft and light shades as these types of colours make a space feel open although dark, warm colors make a space feel cozy and intimate, the place tends to look smaller.  White is the best choice for make a room look bigger than it actually is.

THE SKIES THE LIMIT: By giving yourceiling texture by choosing bright…

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