How to handle breaking of an engagement

How to handle breaking of an engagementCalling it quits for after coming so close to tying the knot is an extremely difficult experience. As heart wrenching as it is though, you have to see the situation for what it is and be brutally honest and open, in order to resolve issues and move on.

Well, we have compiled a how to guide that will make your load lighter in dealing with the situation.

Prepare yourself- First thing you need to do is prepare yourself for the heavy tasks ahead,  besides having to deal with emotional stress, there will be financial and social factors that might get you down in the process of canceling all that you have arranged. So don’t let yourself crumble in the process. Be strong!
Break the news- after you prepare yourself and build up courage that you can tell people that the wedding is off, you should contact your friends and family first and let them know that your wedding has been called off. You may get back to them the same way you have used to invite them. If you have sent them invitations by post, you should cancel the invitation the same way. For those whom you contact via phone, you have the choice of either talking to them personally or just calling them back again. Remember, you don’t need to tell people why the wedding is of; you are entitled to your privacy.

Cancellations- Now it is time for you to deal with your wedding arrangements. You have a lot of canceling of reservations and services to do, such as: the church or ceremony site, the officiate, the reception hall, the photographer and videographer, the caterer, the florist, musicians, and the list goes on depending on how elaborate you intended your wedding to be . Also if you prepared a bridal shower or planned the honeymoon, they need to be cancelled to. All these things can be emotionally and financially tiring for you, so it is best to…

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