Keep The Spark In Sex Alive

You’re newly married and everything is going great. You are enjoying your life with your partner and things could not get better. You and your partner have been sexually active before you married and at the back of your mind (not including all those jokes about sex and marriage) you think about whether you or your partner will at sometime or the other get a little bored with your sex life. Read on for some tips on how to keep the sparks flying high in the bedroom.

Sex Tip Not To Miss: Experience the big “O”
Try out different positions. Do not feel embarrassed on buying the karma sutra, or reading up on different sex positions. By trying something different every time you have sex with your partner, it will definitely leave them wanting more.
Sex Tip Not To Miss: Dominatrix Pleasure
Try out different foreplay acts, and don’t be afraid to go all out and include costumes and role-playing. This can be an exciting and romantic time for you and your partner.
Sex Tip Not To Miss: Lights, Camera, Action
Don’t have just one place where you and your partner make love, explore and experience different rooms in your home. You can even try outdoors, in the car, when on a picnic, etc. If you are at home then light candles in and around your bath tub, give the room a romantic aura and let the fire between you and your partner come alive.
Sex Tip Not To Miss: Turn A Good Girl Wild
Live your courting days and do fun things together. Add a little making out session when going to the movies. You can even hire romantic movies and snuggle up at home for a not-so-quite-night in.
Sex Tip Not To Miss: Hand Gestures He Craves
Now that you have the tools to make your sex life fly high, there’s no need to worry about it getting old.
More Sex Tips:

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