Foods to eat to stay forever young

Everyone wants to know what the secret to a longer life is. There are some lucky people in the world who have the opportunity and luck to live to a ripe old age. We read about their diets and try to follow them as best as we can. There is no need to go hunting down the oldest people in the world to ask about their diet. Read on to find out which foods you can add to your diet to stay young.
You may think that this is over-said – but it is over stated for a reason. Drinking plenty of water does help with keeping your body regular; detoxifies and keep your skin hydrated.
Exercise exercise and exercise. If you do not exercise, your body will just restore all the fat from the foods you eat.
The foods that you should add to your diet are:
Green tea: We have all wondered why the Chinese are so healthy and have young looking skin…its all in the drink. Green tea (alternatively, rooibos or chai). This is a great health benefit and will also help with detoxing.
Eggs: This is one of the easiest meals to make. You can have eggs at any meal and the best part is that the egg white and yolk is good for you. Eggs are packed with protein and vital nutrients.
Garlic: While the smell may be strong, garlic is excellent for your health. It helps to fight cancer, strengthens ones cardiovascular system, decrease fat storage and fight acne inflammation…

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