Most Memorable Moments of the Soccer World Cup

Maradona’s Goal of the Century (1986): Maradona’s second goal against England in the quarter-finals still stands as a shining example of what soccer is all about. In a span of four minutes the world had seen the worst and best of Argentina’s sporting god.    ): No goal in the history of sport sparks as much debate and controversy as Hurst’s game-winner against the Germans in the final. In extra time, Hurst belted a furious right-footed shot that blazed past goalkeeper Hans Tilkowski, hit the underside of the crossbar and bounced down on the goal-line. Did the ball cross the line? Subsequent replays over the years show it did not, but when asked by Swiss referee Gottfried Dienst for a ruling, linesman Tofik Bakhramov, without hesitation, pointed his flag towards the centre circle on the field, signalling a goal. The Germans were livid, but England went on to win the World Cup.


While the “Hand of God” goal was the very definition of deceit, Maradona’s second goal, later dubbed “The Goal of the Century,” was an affirmation of his genius and standing as the greatest player on earth.

Geoff Hurst’s goal (1966

Pele and Carlos Alberto bury Italy (1970): A memorable strike that led to a 4-1 win for Brazil over Italy in the final. Pele started the move down the left side before drifting towards the middle. He found some open space and sensing Alberto was coming down the right side, he played a perfect square pass 25 yards from goal that Alberto lashed onto without breaking stride and hammered the ball past Italian goalkeeper Enrico Albertosi.
Uruguay Wins (1950): The Brazilians were assured of victory against Uruguay in the tournament finale. All the hosts had to do was earn a draw against Uruguay and Brazil would be crowned world champions. How could they lose? Thanks to a brave effort, Uruguay pulled out the victory in the 79th minute when Ghiggia played a 1-2 pass with Julio Perez and beat the Brazilian goalkeeper at the near post. When the final whistle blew, the stunned Maracana crowd broke into tears….

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