Father’s day brings back all those old memories; it can be quarrelling over small things or the good advices he used to give to you as a child. The hardest part is the one of saying ‘thank you dad, you did well’.
Although fathers should be made to feel special and loved for every day of the year, however, Father’s Day should be an occasion that all fathers should look forward to. And children of all ages must make an effort to strengthen and deepen this special bond. Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and is generally, a day when most fathers receive gifts and extra-special treatment from their children.
This year, instead of picking a card and the usual gift of clothes or accessories, celebrate Father’s Day by doing something unique, touching and truly personal. Here are some suggestions that would help to make this special day for fathers, even more exceptional.
Have a Father-Child Day Out
Giving fathers the gift of time is probably the best way to show love and affection. This year, cancel everything scheduled on Father’s Day and spend the whole day with your father. You could spend time at home; talking and catching up or go shopping and for a really lovely meal or even, go for a picnic in the park. The idea is to spend quality time and give a gift that would be more valuable than any watch or shirt…

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