Expert Advice: Anna Martyn Advises on handling Job Loss /Retrenchment

Handling a retrenchment can be tremendously difficult but the most important thing to remember is that the decision to retrench employees is never personal and based purely on what is best for the business at that specific time.   One should never let the loss of a job affect their sense of worth or self confidence nor should it diminish all they have achieved over their career.

A retrenchment can take away a person’s sense of direction, status and belonging and the routine and structure that work provides. It can leave people feeling disoriented and desperate – but it can also be used as an opportunity to take the first step towards more positive changes i.e. a new career, entrepreneurship, studying further or taking some time off.
People’s reactions to retrenchment vary.   Some are not surprised; they may be relieved that the uncertainty is over, and start to feel excited about their future. Others react with shock and disbelief followed swiftly by denial. And then there are those who bounce right back and start putting together their CV’s and applying for jobs – eager to see what the job market has to offer.
One should expect feelings of shock, anger, rejection, excitement, relief, guilt and apprehension in this situation and realize that these emotions are completely normal. However, it bears mentioning that the faster one reaches the stage of acceptance the better.
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  • Never ever forget who you are and what you are capable of achieving, a retrenchment is an opportunity to re-look at your career path and ensure you are on the right track.  Keep your skills updated, and expand your knowledge base, try to learn as many transferable skills as you can in your company – multi-skilling is the key to securing employment opportunities in a recession. 
  •  During a recession employees should be working twice as…

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