Exercise to Firm Your Bust

When a woman wants to firm-up their breasts, the advice that’s quick to come out is ‘you need to lose weight’. Fact is that when you have small breasts, you don’t want to lose weight. Your bust is already small and you don’t intend on becoming flat-chested so cardio aerobic exercises aren’t for you.
All you need to do is exercise your upper body and chest muscle exercise is the ideal answer to your dilemma. This is because this exercise strengthens the pectoral muscles that lie below the bust line which is the most crucial region to exercise in order to tighten the elasticity of your breast. 
So try these bust toning exercises below. They will help reshape your bustline giving you lifted and more rounded breasts.
To do this exercise, you need a set of two light dumbbells e.g. one or pounds and an exercise ball. Now lie down with your lower back lying horizontally, balancing on the exercise ball. Now bend your knees so that your whole body is raised to the same level as the upper body and your feet touching the floor. As you bend knees they should also be bent and shoulder-length apart. Now extend your arms out to the sides of the body. Lift both dumbbells off the floor together till you arms form a V shape in front of your face. Repeat the exercise for 10-15 times..

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