Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket

Men often have great difficulty thinking about what women want. Instead of stressing about buying something expensive like a diamond ring the size of Mount Everest; why not keep it simple and tasty with the something you cannot go wrong with. There is no woman on the planet or in the universe in fact, who does not love chocolates. So why not make your partner a delicious Chocolate Lovers gift basket. As long as you know all your partner’s favourite chocolates this basket will be a definite hit.
Things You will Need:
(Choose all or some of the following for your basket)
Chocolate Bars
Chocolate Trays
Chocolate chip cookies (If you really want to impress her you can try making them yourself, it is a definite awww moment even if they do not taste too good)
Chocolate sweets (like Quality Street)
Chocolate covered Brazilian Nuts
Chocolate covered biscuits (like Whispers)
Decadent hot chocolate
Heart shaped chocolates
Chocolate body paint
How to Wrap the Basket:
Place all the chocolates you have chosen in the basket. Wrap cellophane paper around the basket (choose paper that is coloured in green, red, silver or gold). Next take a piece of ribbon in a different colour to the cellophane paper and tie a bow. You can add a small chocolate scented teddy bear to it as well.

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