To Change Him Or To Accept Him?

An expert talks on a TV show that identifies underlying problems in relationships and marriages. Everybody nods their heads and he carries on with enthusiasm; “everybody is satisfied,” he must have told himself. But what would you have done when he mentioned: “A man falls in love with a woman hoping she will never change meanwhile a woman falls in love with a man hoping to change him”?
How true this is remains a debatable question!
 Men call it an ‘I Can Change Him/I Can Help Him’ syndrome and believe that women get into it to fix anything and everything they deem to be incorrect or don’t fit the checklist of their dream man. But like I said, how true that is; still remains debatable.
So ask yourself, if you are trying to change your current man or have a habit of trying to change guys you date; why do you do it? Is it for your own good, or for theirs? For instance, If you want him to change how he manages his anger or make him more attentive to his children, that’s for his own good but if you have a fixed mindset on the type of friends you want him to keep or want to change his sense of dress so that he fits well with your profile, you are just putting the poor guy under the kind of torture he doesn’t deserve. You want him to be like that, he doesn’t want to and he doesn’t have to!
The fact of the matter is, as much as you shouldn’t deceive yourself into thinking he is perfect when he is not, trying to change him may just push away.

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