How To: Camouflage Cellulite With Fashion

Everybody hates cellulite. No woman can stand having it because besides looking like bumps of cottage cheese burbling under your skin, it also make you feel old, ugly and fat!

What makes the situation worse is that rubbing creams that claim to get rid of the orange peel don’t keep the promise because no cream or lotion gets rid of cellulite completely. So my solution is camouflage! Yes, camouflage it using tanning creams and your dressing sense.
If you have no choice but to be in a bikini, there’s no need to let cellulite stand on your way anymore. Get a darker tanning cream that will even out your skin tone and make the shadows cast by the lumps of fat beneath the skin less apparent.
Dressing Up
When dressing up on normal days, stick to darker colours and always get pants with some stretch so they show off your shape but not too stretchy or they will show off your ‘bumps and dimples’ and you don’t want that!
Another trick if you are going to wear something tighter is to wear tights underneath your pants. This is also very critical if you are going to wear very short skirts. Tights are a hot fashion item these days so use that to your advantage. If it’s a formal skirt, put on pantyhose but never ever wear white spandex or anything that clings, where cellulite is present because that’s like wearing a transparent skirt. People will be able to see your lumps and bumps move because cellulite does jiggle.
Also be careful with your shoes. Yes! Shoes also play a role in creating those dimples above your knees for everyone to see thus when wearing high heel shoes or heeled boots; also keep pantyhose handy. A heel makes your leg automatically flex a certain way that makes cellulite pop out of certain places that are not visible when the leg is totally relaxed. That’s one more reason why you need to embrace your pumps besides the fact that they are hot fashion. But if you think you can’t, you know what to do!

4 thoughts on “How To: Camouflage Cellulite With Fashion

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  2. Cellulite can be a very stubborn type of fat. It makes women\\\’s skin look uneven and less firm. But there are a few ways to cure cellulite. There are creams and there are exercises.

    What most people don\\\’t know is that cellulite is no different from any other fat. There are cures for cellulite.


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