Get Rid Of that Weekend Bulge with Popcorn

How often have you heard someone telling you that you can lose weight by eating as much as you wish of your favourite snack? I guess not quite often but you can with popcorn!     So does that mean you can just head to the movies and enjoy endless amounts of crunchy, buttery goodness? Not really but you’ll still eat loads of popcorn. The only trick here if you are really serious about losing weight is that you have to eat your popcorn naked as it is; without butter or sprinkles. That’s right, no salt, no seasoning and no microwaving!     Popcorn aids in losing weight because it is very high in fibre which helps you control your appetite by keeping you full for longer. Actually, one cup of popcorn contains 9 grams of fibre. Above that, popcorn is low in calories and in fat as it is sugar-free and containing no sodium when not seasoned or salted.     So you are asking yourself: “Dry popcorn, is that all I’m going to eat?” Not really! Popcorn is not the only food you are allowed to eat. Actually, popcorn diet encourages its followers to as much of high protein foods, fresh fruits and veggies as they possibly can.

Popcorn comes in when it’s time for snacks. Every time you reach for a snack between meals, it should only be your unseasoned popcorn prepared in a hot air popper or popcorn kernels and not on the microwave or frying pan! You will save 190 calories consuming 3 cups of air popped popcorn than you would eating micro-waved caramel popcorn of the same size.     You are at liberty to eat as much of this popcorn as you wish and the more you eat the longer you will feel full!     I understand that eating tasteless popcorn is possibly the biggest challenge in sticking to this diet. But if you really look at it, it shouldn’t because you still get to eat other foods, including meat and fruits. If you are really determined to lose weight, it can’t be that difficult. You can even add very little vinegar sprinkle if you find it unedible.

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