Get Rid Of That Weekend Bulge With Oats

If you want any type of diet to work you know your efforts have got to start at the breakfast table. This is why a bowl of oatmeal is the perfect breakfast to get rid of your weekend bulge. Not only is it a fulfilling start to the day, but oats is packed with fibre, brimming with protein, has good fats, vitamins and minerals; everything you need to stay healthy and trim your body weight down.
The soluble fibre in oats helps to control appetite by absorbing a considerable amount of water, significantly slowing down the digestive process and thus making you feel fuller for longer. Oats also keep one’s bowel in motion which significantly trims belly fat and prevents bloating.
This high density food also has very low calorie content and on top of its weight loss capacity it helps ease the harmful effects of “bad” cholesterol thus reducing blood pressure.  Natural rolled or steel-cut oats is the best but instant oatmeal is just as good if you pick the sugar-free kinds and sweeten them with honey or your choice of fruit.

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