Dating Tips For Single Dads

As a single dad, life is going to change a lot if it hasn’t already. Besides your little angel who fills your face with rare smile and laughter whenever you play that rock, paper, scissor game, there is very little to be excited about because truth is; it’s harder to hook up with single woman when you have a child or minding a child on your own.
You probably have had the thought that the baby has turned your life upside-down for the worse. No woman thinks you make a good father when you say you are rushing home to spend quality time with your little one and definitely none can stand your ‘excuses’ when you want to take your little princess or prince out on a weekend while she had made plans to be with you.
Dealing With the Baby Mama Tension
Fact is; being a single father is a big deal! Whether you live with your children or not, unless you have been in that relationship for long, at the back of her mind she will always think: “But he has a child!”
That is because having a child means she has to deal with the fact that there is another woman whom you’ll always have something keeping you in contact, which in her terms is ‘together’. The fact is, there’s a profound emotional intimacy that people share when they have children and yes, women are hyper aware of this! 
Regardless of what the situation is between you and your child’s mother, the women that you date will always be curious about the mother of your child therefore you should be forthcoming about your relationship with the child’s mother…

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