Dating An Older Man…

5 Things to Consider!
 It’s a common thing that women date older guys but eyebrows start to rise when old progresses from ‘older’ to TOO old. The fact is; a significantly large age gap between two people is often wide enough to risk social disapproval.
What I’m trying to communicate here is; apart from the fact that you will have to consider the potential of losing your partner to death while you are still relatively young, you’ll also have to deal with judgment from people who might see you more as a gold-digger. On top of that you’ll need to teach yourself to cope in a relationship where communication, trust and any other idealized attributes of a ‘normal’ relationship are substituted by something quite practical: similar expectations. To narrow this down, you have to know that what matters a great deal is if he wants to 1) get married, 2) have children, or 3) do anything requiring more than six-month commitment at a time. Be prepared that the only time you stand a chance to have decent communication will be when he’s communicating his desire for you to bear his first child.
Maybe I’m exaggerating but nevertheless, we can’t shy away from the issues that make dating an older guy a challenge. Here are a few crucial points that you need to consider:
His Financial Accomplishment
Older men usually have accomplished a lot in life which gives them power to schedule your life if you are going to depend on them for financial support. On the other hand, while you may be expecting all the goodie treats as the trophy wife or girlfriend, not all men are stinking rich so you may find that he is putting his eggs on his kids education, paying their college fees and alimony or trying to invest as much as he can in his pension…

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