How To Soften Dry, Cracking Winter Skin

Dry, cold winter weather leaves our skins dehydrated and chapped. It’s really not a good experience but what makes it worse is when the moisturizers that are supposed to soften it do not even say ‘hello’.
It’s a common thing! My favourite body lotion that works perfectly fine for me throughout summer just dries away the minute I apply it in winter, just like yours. So, the trick is to know that it’s not merely about the moisturizer you use in winter but a series of steps you have to undergo before you apply any product to your skin.
Like I’ve already said, keeping your skin moisturized is the first step before the rest follows and yes we can’t shy away from the fact that you need a good lotion which means it has to be a little richer in oil content.
But before we jump to your naked you applying her moisture lock lotion, let’s go back to the bathroom because it is just as crucial.
When bathing, add bath oil to the water because it locks in your body’s moisture thus soothing your dry skin before you even apply the moisturizer. 
Exfoliate any dry patches you might have developed on your skin in order to remove dead skin from your body because this is where cracking begins. Use mild exfoliating products that do not contain alcohol because skin is very sensitive when dehydrated…

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