Should You Make the First Move?

You’ve be waiting quite a while for him to make his move, but he hasn’t. At one stage you were convinced he likes you, he laughed at your stupid jokes, lent you his jacket on that rainy afternoon, but he hasn’t uttered those three little words. You are now concerned that he is either he’s too scared to ask you but what freaks you most is what if he is just not interested. What’s a girl to do?
Truth is, if you know or have seen signs that he likes you it’s a confident gamble but what if you’ve been lying to yourself for pleasure because you wished the feeling was mutual but the honest truth is, he does not view you more than just a friend?
That’s where the trick lies! Especially if that particular individual is a little old-fashioned and older or if you aren’t growing young yourself as this might be a new thing for you too. So, what should your first move be?
Find Out How He Feels
To save yourself from disappointment that could be avoided, the first thing you need to work out is if that someone you fancy feels the same way or not. Asking them directly is probably not a good idea because they may lie to save you from heart break and if they’re not interested and you thought they were, it might be very painful for you.
So the best thing might be speaking to friends, both yours and theirs. Ask your mates what they think of your crush. You may even want to drop subtle hints to his mates that you might be interested and see what their reaction is. If it’s a look of total horror, you might want to hold off on but if they react more positively, you’ll have confidence to take your chances.
Understand the Slow Moving Signs
Some men are generally shy and they’ll need more than a few flirting moves to get that you’re interested. He might be really into you but making his move slowly as he is unsure how you feel and sometimes as of being out of a relationship for quite some time. This kind of guy is the one that if you really like, you must make your move but not too much to seem like you are pushing yourself to him.
Asking a guy out is not an easy move at all because besides their reaction, it is concerning how they are going to perceive you after you’ve made your first move. However, if you like him, you might find that it’s better to let it off your chest and deal with what follows. Nevertheless, be careful when you do that!

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