Remedies For Wisdom Toothache

Anyone who already has wisdom teeth knows that this is no joke. The growth of a wisdom teeth and the pain associated with it is just one thing that’s hard to cope with. If men can’t sleep but start to seek attention as a toddler, you know it’s really bad!
But you can cope or stop wisdom teeth pain without extracting them but by only using home remedies – stuff you already have readily available on your kitchen.
Wash your mouth with warm saltwater. Swish the solution in your mouth for thirty seconds and spit. This will help ease moderate wisdom tooth pain without the using medication.
If you dare, chew onions for about three minutes. Chewing an onion has been clinically proven to alleviate germs in the mouth. You can also just place a piece of onion on a painful wisdom tooth or the surrounding gum for a couple of minutes if you cannot manage to chew it.  This eases discomfort and can help lessen the pain.
Cloves are also famous for reducing tooth pain and they help with teeth infections. Just apply cloves oil to the painful wisdom tooth and surrounding gum area. You can mix it with garlic and rock salt for a fast and instant relief if you wish.
Make a mouth wash with wheat grass juice and use it to wash your mouth three times a day. Wheat grass juice draws out toxins in the mouth, slowing and eventually prohibiting bacterial growth. This helps reduce infection and consequently reduces pain.
However, some people experience most intense pain on their wisdom teeth. If these home remedies do not work for you, over-the-counter oral numbing may be used until you see your dentist. If your tooth is extremely painful you shouldn’t really wait long because it may have complications that need it to be extracted.

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