Robotics as a Career?

Forget about becoming an actuary or an engineer,   a career in Robotics is the new age trend……….

Not so long ago everyone would have told you that the best career to choose was in accountancy, medicine or even becoming a pilot! There emerged different disciplines of engineering a while ago and we spotted a turning point. However, very little did the world predict there would be a career known as robotics. Even up to this day some people are not aware of the existence of robotics engineering. So, what exactly does this engineering discipline entails? Let us break it down:

What is Robotics?
Robotics is the engineering science and technology…

2 thoughts on “Robotics as a Career?

  1. JC says:

    I don’t know, I have a degree in Mechanical engineering, and much of my time is spent dealing with robots. Seems like a general engineering degree (electrical, chemical, mechanical, etc) would work and still give you versatility if “robotics” per se doesn’t work out for you. Why restrict yourself?

    Probably a good grad degree, but a guy I work with did his masters concentration in robotics and he tends to write more code than anything else.


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